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Indian Embassies

Embassy of India, Kabul
Malalaiwat, Shar-e-Naw,
Kabul, Afghanistan.
Phone: +873-763095560
Fax: +873-763095561
Email: embassy@indembassy-kabul.com
Website: http://www.meakabul.nic.in/

Consulate General of India, Mazar-e-Sharif
Karte Khuja Abjosh
Near Almas Wedding Street
Phone: +93-0702020268 (CG), 0702020271 (Consul)
Email: cg.mesharif@mea.gov.in (CG), hoc.mesharif@mea.gov.in (General)
Website: http://www.meakabul.nic.in/

Consulate General of India, Herat
Ameriat Cross Road, Near Ab Bakhsh
Badmerghan, Herat, Afghanistan.
Phone: 222653 / 221145(General), 257045/ 0796058659 (Vice Consul)
Fax: +93-40-250032
Email: cg.herat@mea.gov.in, hoc.herat@mea.gov.in, cgiherat@yahoo.co.in
Website: http://www.meakabul.nic.in/

Consulate General of India, Kandahar
Shahr-e-Nau, District 6,
Kandahar-Herat Road,
Kandahar, Afghanistan.
Phone: 00-93-30-753011512 (O), 753010874 (Consular), 753011525, (Admn), 753011512 (CG), 753010874 (Consul)
Email: cg.kandahar@mea.gov.in (CG), cons.kandahar@mail.nic.in (Consul Cons), hoc.kandahar@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.meakabul.nic.in/

Consulate General of India, Jalalabad
Ilaka No.2, Habibabad,
Jalalabad, Afghanistan.
Phone: 00-93-75-6003162 (CG), 6003163 (Chancery), 6003164, (Consular), 00-873-763096146 (Satellite Tel)
Fax: 00-873-763096147 (Satellite Fax)
Email: cg.jalalabad@mea.gov.in (Consul General), hoc.jalalabad@mea.gov.in (General), rajeev.ifs@gmail.com (Consul)
Website: http://www.meakabul.nic.in/

Embassy of India, Algiers
14, rue des Abassides,
Boite Postale 108, El-Biar 16030
Algiers, Algeria.
Phone: 00-213-21-923288/21-923444 (Gen. Nos.)
Fax: 00-213-21-924011
Email: amb.algiers@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.algiers@mea.gov.in (HOC), indembalg@hotmail.com (General), indembalg_com@hotmail.com (Commerce Wing)
Website: http://www.indianalg.org/

Embassy of India, Luanda
18 A, Rua Marques das Minas,
Maculusso, PO Box No.6040, Luanda.
[*Conc. acc. as Amb. to Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe].
Phone: 00-244-222-371089, 222-392281
Fax: 00-244-222-371094
Email: amb.luanda@mea.gov.in (HOM) , hoc.luanda@mea.gov.in (HOC),indembluanda@netcabo.co.ao (General), comindembluanda@netcabo.co.ao (Commercial),consindemluanda@netcab.co.ao (Consular)
Website: http://www.indembangola.org/

Embassy of India, Buenos Aires
Torre Madero, 19th Floor Avenida
Eduardo Madero 942, (1106) Buenos Aires.
[*Con. acc. to Paraguay (Asuncion) and Uruguay(Montevideo)]
Phone: 00-54-11-4393 4001/ 4156
Fax: 00-54-11-4393 4063
Email: indemb@indembarg.org.ar (Chancery), polsec@indembarg.org.ar (FS), psamb@indembarg.org.ar (PS to Amb), admn@indembarg.org.ar (Attache Admn), hoc-cons@indembarg.org.ar (Consular)
Website: http://www.indembarg.org.ar/

Embassy of India, Yerevan
50/2, Dzorapi Street,
Yerevan -0019 (Armenia.)
[*Con. acc. as Ambassador to Georgia]
Phone: 00-374-10-539173 to 75
Fax: 00-374-10-533984, 539170
Email: ambassador@embassyofindia.am (Amb), hoc@embassyofindia.am (SS & HOC), attache@embassyofindia.am (cons), commercial@embassyofindia.am (Commercial), accounts@embassyofindia.am
Website: http://www.indianembassy.am/

High Commission of India, Canberra
3-5, Moonah Place,
Canberra ACT 2600, Australia
Phone: 00-61-2-62733999, 62733774
Fax: 00-61-2-62731308
Email: hc@hcindia-au.org (HC), dhc@hcindia-au.org (DHC), consular@hcindia-au.org (Consular), hoc@hcindia-au.org (HOC)
Website: http://www.hcindia-au.org/

Consulate General of India, Melbourne
344, St. Kilda Road, Melbourne
Victoria 3000, P.O. Box No. 33247
Domain LPO Vic 3004
Phone: 00-61-3-96827836 ;
Consular Enquiries Phone: 00-61-3-96825800 (operational only during Consular Working Hours)
Fax: 00-61-3-96968251
Email: cg.melbourne@mea.gov.in & cg@cgimelb.org (CG); hoc.melbourne@mea.gov.in & hoc@cgimelb.org (Consul/HOC), ps@cgimelb.org (Consular Section), vcons@cgimelb.org (Trade Section)
Website: http://www.cgimelb.org/

Consulate General of India, Perth
Lots 70-74, Level 6
12 St. Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000
Phone: 00-61-8-92214205
Fax: 00-61-8-92217039
Email: cg.perth@mea.gov.in
Website: http://www.hcindia-au.org/

Consulate General of India, Sydney
Level 10
190 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone: 00-612-92239500, 92412265 (CG), 92412268 (Consul & HOC)
Fax: 00-612-92412291 (General), 92412282 (Consular)
Email: indianc@indianconsulatesydney.org (General), cg@indianconsulatesydney.org (CG), ccom@indianconsulatesydney.org (Consul Com)
Website: http://www.indianconsulatesydney.org/

Embassy of India, Vienna
Kaerntnerring 2, A-1015, Vienna,
[*Alternate to the Per. Rep of India to respective intnl orgns & Con. acc. to Montenegro]
Phone: 00-43-1-5058666, 5850795
Fax: 00-43-1-5059219 (Chancery) 5850805 (Consular/Visa)
Email: amb.vienna@indianembassy.at (Amb), dcmwien@indianembassy.at (Minister/DCM)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.at/

Embassy of India, Baku
31/39, Oktay Karimov Street,
Ganjlik, Narimanov District,
Baku - AZ 1069, Azerbaijan.
Phone: 00-994-12-5646354, 5646344
Fax: 00-994-12-4472572
Email: amb.baku@mea.gov.in (Ambassador off), hoc.baku@mea.gov.in (head of chancery), admin.baku@mea.gov.in (attache(admn)), cons.baku@mea.gov.in (consular/visa section)
Website: http://www.indianembassybaku.org/

Embassy of India, Adliya
Building 182, Road 2608,
Area 326, Ghudaibiya,
PO Box No. 26106,
Adliya, Bahrain.
Phone: 00-973-17712683, 17712649, 17712785, 17713832
Fax: 00-973-17715527 (Gen)/177103229(Cons)
Email: indemb@batelco.com.bh (Amb), sscons@batelco.com.bh (Cons), commerce@batelco.com.bh (Commerce), hoc1@batelco.com.bh, counslrs@batelco.com.bh
Website: http://www.indianembassybahrain.com/

High Commission of India (Dhaka)
House No. 2, Road No.142,
Gulshan-1, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone: Main Reception: 00880-2-9889339, EPABX: 00880-2-9888789-91 and 8820243-47,
Fax: 00880-2-9893050
Email: fshoc@hcidhaka.org, consular@hcidhaka.org, eco@hcidhaka.org, info@hcidhaka.org
Website: http://www.hcidhaka.org/

Assistant High Commission of India, Chittagong
House No.211, Kulshi, Chittagong
Chittagong, Bangladesh
Phone: 00-880-37-654148/654201
Fax: 00-880-37-654147
Email: ahcindia@spnetctg.com, ahcindia@abnetbd.com

Assistant High Commission of India, Rajshahi
House No. 284/2, Housing Estate, So
Sopura Uposhahar
Phone: 00-880-721-861213/211/214/215
Fax: 00-880-721-861212
Email: hoc.rajshahi@mea.gov.in
Website: http://www.hcidhaka.org/

Embassy of India, Minsk
Street Sobinova 63,
Minsk - 220040, Belarus.
Phone: 00-375-17-2629399
Fax: 00-375-17-2884799, 2161896
Email: indembassy@indemb.bn.by (General), amb.minsk@mea.gov.in (Amb), amb@indemb.bn.by (Amb Office), hoc.minsk@mea.gov.in, hoc@indemb.bn.by (HOC s Office)
Website: http://www.indembminsk.org/

Embassy of India, Brussels
217, Chaussee de Vleurgat,
1050 Brussels.
[*Con. acc. as Amb to Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Council of the European Union].
Phone: 00-32-2-6409140, 6451850; 6466872 (After office hours)
Fax: 00-32-2-6489638 (Chancery)
Email: admin@endembassy.be (Administration), info@indembassy.be (General), ambassador@indembassy.be (Amb), dcm@indembassy.be (DCM), hoc@indembassy.be (HOC)
Website: http://www.indembassy.be/

Embassy of India, Thimphu
India House Estate,
Thimphu, Bhutan.
Phone: 00-975-2-322162
Fax: 00-975-2-323195, 325341
Email: eoiss@druknet.bt (FS Eco), hocbht@druknet.bt (HOC), consbht@druknet.bt (Consular), amb.thimphu@mea.gov.in (Ambassador), dcm.thimphu@mea.gov.in (DCM)
Website: http://www.indianembassythimphu.bt/

Consulate General of India, Phuentsholing
Maysel Apartment, Near Bank
Colony, Phuentsholing, Bhutan.
Phone: 00-975-5-252101
Fax: 00-975-5-252992
Email: hop.psling@mea.gov.in
Website: http://www.consulatephuentsholing.nic.in/

High Commission of India, Gaborone
Plot 5375 President s Drive,
Private Bag 00249, Gaborone,
Phone: 00-267-3972676 (PABX)
Fax: 00-267-3974636
Email: hcoffice@hci.org.bw (HC), pahoc@hci.org.bw (HOC), consular@hci.org.bw (Consular), administration@hci.org.bw (Admn), accounts@hci.org.bw (Acctt), hc@hci.org.bw (HC), hoc@hci.org.bw (HOC)
Website: http://www.highcommissionofindia.org.bw/

Embassy of India, Brasilia
SHIS QL 08, Conjunto 08,
Casa 01, Lago Sul,
Brasilia DF - 71.620/285
Phone: 00-55-61-32484006
Fax: 00-55-61-32487849, 32485486
Email: indemb@indianembassy.org.br (Chancery), hoc.brasilia@mea.gov.in (HOC), ambassador@indianembassy.org.br (Amb), dcm@indianembassy.org.br (DCM)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.org.br/

Consulate General of India, Sao Paulo
Av. Paulista 925, 7th Floor,
Sao Paulo, Brazil,
Phone: 00-55-11-31710340/41, 32534290, 31410928
Fax: 00-55-11-31710342, 32844327
Email: cg@indiaconsulate.org.br (CG), consul.aj@indiaconsulate.org.br (Consul), consul.vk@indiaconsulate.org.br (HOC)
Website: http://www.indiaconsulate.org.br/

Brunei Darussalam
High Commission of India, Bandar Seri Begawan
Baitussyifaa , Simpang 40-22
Jalan Sungai Akar, Bandar Seri
Begawan, BC 3915, Brunei
PO Box 439, Darussalam
Phone: 00-673-2339947, 2339685 (PABX)
Fax: 00-673-2339783
Email: hicomind@brunet.bn (General), hoc.brunei@mea.gov.in (HOC), hc.brunei@mea.gov.in (HC)

Embassy of India, Sofia
23, Sveti Sedmochislenitsi Street.
Lozenetz, Sofia 1421, Bulgaria.
[*Concurrently accredited as Amb to the Republic of Macedonia(Skopje)].
Phone: 00-359-2-9635675 to 77
Fax: 00-359-2-9635686
Email: ambassador@indembsofia.org (Amb), hoc@indembsofia.org (HOC)
Website: http://www.indembsofia.org/

Embassy of India, Phnom Penh
Villa No. 5, Street No.466,
Phnom Penh, Royal Government of Cambodia.
Phone: +855-12-222804, 00-855-23-210912, 210913,218046
Fax: 00-855-23-213640, 210914
Email: amb.phnompenh@mea.gov.in, embindia@online.com.kh

High Commission of India, Ottawa
10, Springfield Road, Ottawa,
Ontario K1M 1C9,
Phone: 00-1-613-7443751 to 53
Fax: 00-1-613-7440913
Email: hicomind@hciottawa.ca (General), mpol@hciotta.ca (Minister Pol & Cons), hoc@hciottawa.ca, ssad-oci@hciottawa.ca (Admn & OCI Scheme), hc@hciottawa.ca (HC), dhc@hciottawa.ca (DHC)
Website: http://www.hciottawa.ca/

Consulate General of India, Toronto
Suite # 700, 365 Bloor Street East,
Toronto, Ontario M4W 3 L4
Phone: 00-1-416-9600751/52, 416-9604831
Fax: 00-1-416-9609812
Email: cgindia@cgitoronto.ca
Website: http://www.cgitoronto.ca/

Consulate General of India, Vancouver
# 201-325, Howe Street,
Vancouver, V6C 1Z7, Canada.
Phone: 00-1-604-6628811
Fax: 00-1-604-6823556
Email: indiacg@telus.net (CG), indiahoc@telus.net (HOC), indiacons@telus.net (Consular), indiatradecom@telus.net (Commerce), indiainf@telus.net (Information Wing), indiapscg@telus.net (CG s office), oci@cgivancouver.com (OCI), indiacpv@telus.net
Website: http://www.cgivancouver.org/

Embassy of India, Santiago
971, Alcantara
Post Box No. 10433
Santiago, Chile.
Phone: 00-56-2-2284141, 2286857, 2289743, 2634103
Fax: 00-56-2-3217217, 2061959
Email: amb.santiago@mea.gov.in (Ambassador), hoc.santiago@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.embajadaindia.cl/

Embassy of India, Beijing
Tianze Road
Liang Ma Qiao
Chaoyang District, Beijing
People s Republic of China.
Phone: 00-86-10-85312500/2501/2502/2503
Fax: 00-86-10-85312515
Email: hoc.beijing@mea.gov.in (HOC), amboff@indianembassy.org.cn (Amb), dcm@indianembassy.org.cn (DCM)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.org.cn/

Consulate General of India, Shanghai
1008, Shanghai International Trade Centre,
2201, Yan An [West ] Road,
Shanghai -200336, P.R. China.
Phone: 00-86-21-62758882 / 85 / 86
Fax: 00-86-21-62758881, 62956892 (Consular Wing)
Email: ccom@indianconsulate.org.cn (Commerce), cgvp@indianconsulate.org.cn (General), cg.shanghai@mea.gov.in (CG), hoc.shanghai@mea.gov.in (HOC), cinf@indianeconsulate.org.cn, vcons@indianconsulate.org.cn (Visa & Admin)

Consulate General of India, Hong Kong
16-D, United Centre, 95 Queensway,
Admiralty, Hong Kong SAR, China.
[*Also administrative/consular jurisdiction for Macau (SAR, PRC)].
Phone: 00-852-39709900, 00-852-39709922
Fax: 00-852-28664124(Gen), 25281647 (Visa)
Email: cg.hongkong@mea.gov.in (CG), hoc.hongkong@mea.gov.in (HOC), consular@cgihk.gov.in (Consular), commerce@cgihk.gov.in (Commerce), eco@cgihk.gov.in (Economic), consular@cgihk.gov.in (Consular), visa@cgihk.gov.in (Visa)
Website: http://www.cgihk.gov.in/

Consulate General of India, Guangzhou
1-4, 14th Floor, Haihang Dasha
(HNA) Tower, 8 Linhe Zhong Road,
Tianhe Distt., Guangzhou-510610,
People s Republic of China.
Phone: 00-86-20-85501501 to 05
Fax: 00-86-20-85501510 (General); 85501513 (Consular)
Email: cg.guangzhou@mea.gov.in (CG), hoc.guangzhou@mea.gov.in (HOC), admn.guangzhou@mea.gov.in (Admn), cons.guangzhou@mea.gov.in (Consular), cgo.guangzhou@mea.gov.in (CG s Office)
Website: http//www.cgiguangzhou.org.cn

Embassy of India, Bogota
Calle 116 # 7-15 Int. 2 Of. 301,
Torre Cusezar, Santa Barbara
Bogota D.C., Colombia.
Phone: 00-57-1-6373259,6373279,6373280, 6373289
Fax: 00-57-1-6373451, 6373516
Email: indembog@cable.net.co (General), hoc.bogota@mea.gov.in (HOC), consular.bogota@mea.gov.in (Consular), culturalindia@cable.net.co (Culture)
Website: http://www.embajadaindia.org/

Congo [Democratic Republic]
Embassy of India, Kinshasa
18-B, Avenue Batetela, C/Gombe,
[*Con. acc. as Amb to Rep. of Congo(Brazzaville), Gabon(Libre- ville) & Cent.African Rep(Bangui)].
Phone: 00-243-81-5559770 / 73
Fax: 00-243-81-5559774
Email: ps.indembkin@gbs.cd (Ambassador office), amb.indembkin@gbs.cd (Amb), hoc.indembkin@gbs.cd (HOC), attacheadmn.indembkin@gbs.cd (Admn), consasstt.indembkin@gbs.cd (Consular)
Website: http://www.eoikinshasa.nic.in/

Cote d Ivoire [Ivory Coast]
Embassy of India, Abidjan
Villa/Lot No.2728, ILot 229, 7 eme
Tranche,II-Plateaux, -Angre, BP 318
Abidjan 06. [*Con.acc. to Liberia and Guinea].
Phone: 00-225-22423769 / 7079 / 1851
Fax: 00-225-22426649
Email: amb.office@eoiabidjan.org (General), amb.abidjan@mea.gov.in (Ambassador)

Embassy of India, Zagreb
Kulmerska 23A,
10000 Zagreb,
Phone: 00-385-1-4873239 / 40 / 41, 4873250 (HOC)
Fax: 00-385-1-4817907
Email: embassy.india@zg.htnet.hr (General), amb.zagreb@mea.gov.in (Ambassador), hoc.zagreb@mea.gov.in (SS & HOC)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.hr/

Embassy of India, Havana
No.202, Calle 21. Esquina a ‘K',
Vedado, Havana, Cuba. [*Con. acc. to Dominician Republic (Santo Domingo) and Haiti(Port-au-Prince)]
Phone: 00-53-7-8333777, 8333169, 551700
Fax: 00-53-7-8333287; E-Fax: 00-1-8146801064
Email: eoihav@ceniai.inf.cu (General), amb@indembassyhavana.cu (Amb), hoc@indembassyhavana.cu (HOC)

High Commission of India, Nicosia
No.3, Indira Gandhi Street,
Montparnasse Hill,
P.O. Box 25544, Engomi,
2413 Nicosia, Cyprus.
Phone: 00-357-22-351741, 351170
Fax: 00-357-22-352062 (HOC), 350402 (High Commissioner)
Email: hicomind@spidernet.com.cy (HOC s office), hcoffice@cytanet.com.cy (HC s Office)
Website: http://www.hcinicosia.gov.in/

Czech Republic
Embassy of India, Prague
Valdstejnska 6, Malastrana 11800,
Prague 1, Czech Republic.
Phone: 00-420-257533490
Fax: 00-420-257533378, 257533285
Email: india@india.cz (Chancery), hoc@india.cz (HOC), ambassador@india.cz (Ambassador)
Website: http://www.india.cz/

Embassy of India, Copenhagen
Vangehusvej 15,
2100 Copenhagen,
Phone: 00-45-39182888, 39299201
Fax: 00-45-39270218, 39182831
Email: indiavisa@Email.dk (Consular), indiatradewing@gmail.com (Commercial), amb.copenhagen@mea.gov.in (Ambassador), hoc.copenhagen@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.indian-embassy.dk/

Embassy of India, Cairo
5 Aziz Abaza Street,
Zamalek, PO Box No. 718
Cairo, Egypt.
Phone: 00-202-27360052, 27363051, 27356053
Fax: 00-202-27364038, 27382965(DCM), 23936702(Info)
Email: embassy@indembcairo.com (General) , amb.cairo@mea.gov.in (Amb), dcm@indembcairo.com (DCM), infoemb@indembcairo.com
Website: http://www.indembcairo.com/

Embassy of India, Addis Ababa
Arada District, Kebele-13/14,
H.No.224, PO Box No.528,
Addis Ababa.
[*Con. acc. to Djibouti and to African Union, UNECA & IGAD]
Phone: 00-251-11-1235538 to 41
Fax: 00-251-11-1235547 / 48
Email: rajdut@ethionet.et (Ambassador), indemb@ethionet.et (Chancery), com.addisababa@mea.gov.in, india.com@ethionet.et (Commercial), adm.indembassy@ethionet.et (Admn), cons.indembassy@ethionet.et (Consular)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.gov.et/

High Commission of India, Suva
Levels 7 & 5, LICI Building, Butt
Street, PO Box No.471, Suva. [*Con. acc. to Tonga, Tuvalu, Cook Islands and Nauru]
Phone: 00-679-3301125 (General)
Fax: 00-679-3301032
Email: admn.suva@mea.gov.in (General), hc.suva@mea.gov.in (HC), cons.suva@mea.gov.in (Consular), culture.suva@mea.gov.in (Indian Cultural Centre), hoc.suva@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.indianhighcommission.org.fj/

Embassy of India, Helsinki
Satamakatu, 2 A 8,
00160 Helsinki, Finland.
[*Concurrently accredited as Amb to Estonia (Talinn)].
Phone: 00-358-9-2289910
Fax: 00-358-9-6221208
Email: indianembassy@indianembassy.fi (General), amb.helsinki@mea.gov.in (Ambassador), hoc.helsinki@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.fi/

Embassy of India, Paris
15, Rue Alfred Dehodencq,
75016 Paris, France.
[*Con. acc. as Amb to the Principality of Monaco (City of Monaco)].
Phone: 00-33-1-40507070/40505013(PIC)
Fax: 00-33-1-40500996(Chancery)/45243345(PIC)
Email: hoc.paris@mea.gov.in (HOC), attache.admin@wanadoo.fr (Admn), pic2@wanadoo.fr (PIC Wing), inde.com@wanadoo.fr (Eco & Comm Wing), ecocomparis@amb-inde.fr (Eco & Com Wing), conswing@wanadoo.fr (Consular Wing), military@wanadoo.fr (Military Wing), poleoiparis@orange.fr (Political Wing)
Website: http://www.amb-inde.fr/

Under jurisdiction of Embassy of India, Yerevan
50/2 Dzorapi Street,
Yerevan - 0019,
Phone: 00-374-10-539173,74 &75
Fax: 00-374-10-533984
Email: amb_off@embassyofindia.am, hoc@embassyofindia.am

Embassy of India, Berlin
Tiergartenstrasse 17
10785 Berlin, Germany.
Phone: 00-49-30-257950; 25795101 / 25795103 (After office hours)
Fax: 00-49-30-25795102
Email: ambassador@indianembassy.de (Amb), dcm@indianembassy.de (DCM), hoc@indianembassy.de (HOC), da@indianembassy.de (Defence Attache), commercial@indianembassy.de (Com) , consular@indianembassy.de (Consular), culture@indianembassy.de (Culture), railway@indianembassy.de (Railways)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.de/

Consulate General of India, Frankfurt
Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 26,
60325 Frankfurt, AM Main,
Phone: 00-49-69-1530050 (Chancery PBX); 15300528/556(After office hours); 74220697 (Consul Commerce)
Fax: 00-49-69-554125 (Chancery); 74745702 (Comm.)
Email: hoc@cgifrankfurt.de (HOC), consulgeneral@cgifrankfurt.de (CG), admn@cgifrankfurt.de (Admn), commerce@cgifrankfurt.de (Commercial), visa@cgifrankfurt.de (Visa), passport@cgifrankfurt.de (Passport) Website: http://www.cgifrankfurt.de/

Consulate General of India, Hamburg
Graumannsweg 57,
22087, Hamburg, Germany.
Phone: 00-49-40-338036, 324744, 330557 (Office)
Fax: 00-49-40-323757
Email: cgihh@aol.com (General), cg.hamburg@mea.gov.in (CG)
Website: http://www.cgihamburg.de/

Consulate General of India, Munich
Widenmayerstrasse 15,
D-80538 Munich, Germany.
Phone: 00-49-89-21023920 (PABX)
Fax: 00-49-89-21023970 (Chancery); 21023980 (Consular)
Email: cginmun02@t-online.de, cg@munich@mea.gov.in (CG), hoc.munich@mea.gov.in, consul@cgimun.com (HOC), congendmun@t-online.de (Consul PIC), cons.munich@mea.gov.in, v (Consular), commerce@cgimun.com (Commerce)
Website: http://www.cgimunich.de/

High Commission of India, Accra
No.9, Ridge Road, Roman Ridge,
PO Box: CT-5708, Cantonments, Accra [*Con. acc. as Amb to Burkina Faso & Togo and HC to Sierra Leone .
Phone: 00-233-30-7020903, 7020904, 7020905 (PABX)
Fax: 00-233-30-2772176 (Chancery), 2785142 (Cons)
Email: hc.accra@mea.gov.in (High Commissioner), hoc.accra@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.indiahc-ghana.com/

Embassy of India, Guatemala City
16 Calle, 4-88
Guatemala City - 01014
Phone: 00-502-23682974 / 23683230 (PABX)
Fax: 00-502-23682524
Email: amb.guatemala@mea.gov.in, hoc.guatemala@mea.gov.in, cons.guatemala@mea.gov.in
Website: http://www.indemguatemala.org/

High Commission of India, Georgetown
307, Church Street, Queenstown,
[*Con. acc. to Anguilla]
(The Valley), Antigua & Barbuda (St John s) and St. Kitts & Nevis].
Phone: 00-592-2263996, 2268965, 2263240
Fax: 00-592-2254442 (HC s office); 2257012 (General)
Email: hc.georgetown@mea.gov.in (HC), hoc.georgetown@mea.gov.in (HOC), cons.georgetown@mea.gov.in (Consular), info.georgetown@mea.gov.in (Information Wing), com.georgetown@mea.gov.in (Commercial Wing)
Website: http://www.hcigeorgetown.org.gy/

Embassy of India, Budapest
Buzavirag Utca 14,
1025 Budapest, Hungary.
[*Concurrently accredited as Amb to Bosnia & Herzegovina (Sarajevo)].
Phone: 00-36-1-3257742 / 43
Fax: 00-36-1-3257745
Email: chancery@indianembassy.hu (General), pstoamb@indianembassy.hu (Amb office), amb.budapest@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc@indianembassy.hu (HOC)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.hu/

Embassy of India, Reykjavik
17, Skulagata, Reykjavik 101,
Phone: 00-354-5349955; 00354-8417870 (Mobile)
Fax: 00-354-5349959
Email: hoc.reykjavik@mea.gov.in

Embassy of India, Jakarta
Jalan H.R. Rasuna Said Kav.S-1,
Kuningan, Jakarta-12950.
[*Con. acc. as Amb to Timor Leste]
Phone: 00-62-21-5204150, 5204152, 5204157, 5264931
Fax: 00-62-21-5204160, 5265622, 5226833, 52922074 (Amb)
Email: ambasador@net-zap.com (Amb), counsellor_pol@net-zap.com (Pol), counsellor_enc@net-zap.com (Com), eoipol@net-zap.com (Pol/Info), consular@net-zap.com (Consular)
Website: http://www.indianembassyjakarta.com/

Consulate General of India, Medan
19, Jl. Uskup Agung A.
Sugiopranoto - Medan-20152,
Phone: 00-62-61-4556452, 4531308, 4522169
Fax: 00-62-61-4531319
Email: cgimedan@indosat.net.id
Website: http://www.congendiamedan.or.id/

Embassy of India, Tehran
No. 22, Mir Emad Street,
Dr. Beheshti Avenue,
P.O. Box No.15875-4118, Tehran,
Phone: 00-98-21-88755103-5; 88755102 (Visa enquiry)
Fax: 00-98-21-88755973, 88745557 (Commercial Wing)
Email: amb.tehran@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.tehran@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.indianembassy-tehran.ir/

Consulate of India, Zahidan
Ayatollah Kafemi Avenue,
Street No.08, Behind Gurudwara,
PO Box No. 313,
Zahidan, Iran
Phone: 00-98-541-3221727 (General); 3222337 (Consul)
Fax: 00-98-541-3221740
Email: consindia_zahidan@yahoo.com

Consulate of India, Bandar Abbas
43, Khiyaban-e-Hikmat,
Gulshehr (South),
PO Box No. 79145-1866,
Bandar Abbas, Iran.
Phone: 00-98-761-6661745, 6681800
Fax: 00-98-761-6664512
Email: hoc.babbas@mea.gov.in

Embassy of India, Baghdad
House No. 6, Zokak No. 25,
Mohalla 306, Hay Al-Maghrib,
PO Box No.4114, Adhamiya
Baghdad, Iraq.
Phone: 00-964-1-4222016; 4228419; 00-964-7901926591 (M); 00870772223446 (SAT)
Email: eoibaghdad@yahoo.com (General), amb.baghdad@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.baghdad@mea.gov.in (HOC)

Embassy of India, Dublin
6, Leeson Park, Dublin-6,
Phone: 00-353-1-4970843, 4966792,4966787,4970984
Fax: 00-353-1-4978074, 4966770
Email: indembassy@eircom.net (Chancery), sscons@eircom.net (Consular & HOC), ambembassy@eircom.net (Amb office)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.ie/

Embassy of India, Tel Aviv
140 Hayarkon Street,
PO Box No.3368,
Tel Aviv-61033, Israel.
Phone: 00-972-3-5291999 / 1639 / 1663 / 1556; 5220631 (Counsellor); 5270821 (Commercial); 5270715 (HOC)
Fax: 00-972-3-5291953 (General); 5270821 (Commercial)
Email: indemtel@indembassy.co.il (General), indeftel@indembassy.co.il (Defence Attache), indpoltel@indembassy.co.il ( FS Pol), indinfo@indembassy.co.il (FS Cons, Cul & Info), hoc.telaviv@mea.gov.in (HOC), com.telaviv@mea.gov.in (Commercial Wing), indcons@indembassy.co.il (Consular Wing)
Website: http://www.indembassy.co.il/

Embassy of India, Rome
Via XX Settembre, 5, 00187 Rome,
[*Con. acc. as PR of India to FAO, IFAD & WFP and as Amb to San Marino (City of San Marino)].
Phone: 00-39-06-4884642 to 45
Fax: 00-39-06-4819539
Email: amb.rome@mea.gov.in (Amb), dcm.office@indianembassy.it (DCM), hoc.rome@mea.gov.in (HOC), agri.wing@indianembassy.it (Minister Agri), com.wing@indianembassy.it (Commercial Wing), cons.wing@indianembassy.it (Consular Wing), admin.wing@indianembassy.it (Admn Wing)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.it/

Consulate General of India, Milan
Via Larga 16,
20122 Milan, Italy.
Phone: 00-39-02-8057691, 865337
Fax: 00-39-02-72002226
Email: cgi.milan@consolatoindia.com (General), cg.milan@consolatoindia.com (CG), hoc.milan@mea.gov.in (HOC), ssconsul@consolatoindia.com (SS Cons), servizi.commerciali1@consolatoindia.com (Commercial Wing)
Website: http://www.cgimilan.in/

High Commission of India, Kingston
27, Seymour Avenue, PO Box 446,
Kingston-6, Jamaica
[*Concurrently accredited to The Bahamas, Cayman Islands & Turks and Caicos Islands]
Phone: 00-1-876- 9273114, 9274270
Fax: 00-1-876-9782801, 9780359
Email: hicomindkin@cwjamaica.com (General), hc.kingston@mea.gov.in (HC), hoc.kingston@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.hcikingston.com/

Embassy of India, Tokyo
5-7-2, Kojimachi MT 31 Building,
Tokyo - 102-0083, Japan.
Phone: 00-81-3-32622391 to 97
Fax: 00-81-3-32344866
Email: indembjp@gol.com (Chancery), amb.tokyo@mea.gov.in (Amb), dcm@indembjp.org (DCM)
Website: http://www.embassyofindiajapan.org/

Consulate General of India, Osaka-Kobe
10th Floor, Semba I S Bldg,
9-26, Kyutaromachi,
1-Chome, Chuo-ku,
Osaka - 541-0056, Japan
Phone: 00-81-6-62617299, 62619299, 0081-6-62617335(CG Office)
Fax: 00-81-6-62617201, 62617799(CG Office)
Email: cgindia@gol.com (General), cons.osakakobe@mea.gov.in (Consular), hoc.osakakobe@mea.gov.in (Admn), cg.osakakobe@mea.gov.in
Website: http://www.indconosaka,org/

Embassy of India, Amman
Jabal Amman, 1st circle,
PO Box No.2168,
Amman 11181, Jordan.
Phone: 00962-6-4622098, 4637262
Fax: 00962-6-4659540, 4611916
Email: amb.amman@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.amman@mea.gov.in (HOC), itm.amman@mea.gov.in (Culture, Info & Consular Section), eoicom@index.com.jo (Commercial Wing)
Website: http://www.indembassy.org.jo/

Embassy of India, Astana
Kaskad Business Center, 5th Floor,
6/1, Kabanbai Batyr Avenue,
Astana, Kazakhstan.
Phone: 00-7-7172- 925700 to703
Fax: 00-7-7172-925716 / 717
Email: amb.astana@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.astana@mea.gov.in (HOC), admn.astana@mea.gov.in (Admn), com.astana@mea.gov.in (Commercial), icc.astana@mea.gov.in (Culture), cons.astana@mea.gov.in (Consular), def.astana@mea.gov.in (Defence), pol.astana@mea.gov.in (Political)
Website: http://www.indembassy.kz/

High Commission of India, Nairobi
Jeevan Bharati Bldg, Harambee
Avenue, PO Box No.30074, Nairobi.
[*Con. acc. as PR to UNEP & UN HABITAT, Amb to Eritrea & Somalia].
Phone: 00-254-20-2222566 / 7, 2225104, 2224500
Fax: 00-254-20-316242, 2248320, 2211164
Email: hcindia@kenyaweb.com (High Commissioner), dhcindia@kenyaweb.com (Dy. High Commissioner)
Website: http://www.hcinairobi.co.ke/

Assistant High Commission of India, Mombasa
Bank of India Building, 3rd Floor,
Nkrumah Road, PO Box No. 90164,
Mombasa, Kenya.
Phone: 00-254-41-2224433, 2311051
Fax: 00-254-41-2316740
Email: hoc.mombasa@mea.gov.in (HOC), cimsa@swiftmombasa.com (General), ahc.mombasa@mea.gov.in (Assistant High Commissioner)
Website: http://www.hcinairobi.co.ke/

Korea [Republic of]
Embassy of India, Seoul
37-3, Hannam-dong,
Yongsan-ku, C.P.O. Box No.3466,
Seoul, Republic of Korea.
Phone: 00-82-2-7984257, 7984268, 7980962
Fax: 00-82-2-7969534, 7957158
Email: polindseoul@kornet.net (Political), consind@kornet.net (Consular), hoc.seoul@mea.gov.in (HOC), indiaculture@kornet.net (Cultural)
Website: http://www.indembassy.or.kr/

Korea [Demo. People s Republic]
Embassy of India, Pyongyang
6, Munsudong,
District Daedonggang,
Pyongyang, DPR Korea.
Phone: 00-850-2-3817215, 3817274, 3817275 (R - Amb), 3817530 (R - FS/HOC)
Fax: 00-850-2-3817619
Email: amb.pyongyang@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.pyongyang@mea.gov.in (HOC)

Embassy of India, Kuwait City
Diplomatic Enclave,
Arabian Gulf Street,
P.O. Box No. 1450 Safat,
13015-Safat, Kuwait.
Phone: 00-965-22530600, 22540612 / 13
Fax: 00-965-22546958 (Amb); 22571192 (General)
Email: amboffice@indembkwt.org (Amb), fslabour@indembkwt.org (Counsellor Lab & Cul), hoc@indembkwt.org (FS Consular/HOC), fscp@indembkwt.org [FS (P&C)]
Website: http://www.indembkwt.org/

Embassy of India, Bishkek
15-A, Aeroportinskaya Street,
Bishkek - 720044, Kyrgyzstan.
Phone: 00-996-312-549214, 595756 and 541450; 595764 (After office hours)
Fax: 00-996-312-543245; 595763
Email: hocap@elcat.kg (HOC), sscons@infotel.kg (SS Cons), ambap@elcat.kg (Amb), indembas@infotel.kg (SS Pol & Com)

Embassy of India, Vientiane
002, Ban Wat-nak,
Thadeua Road [km3],
Sisattanak District, PO Box No.225,
Vientiane, Lao PDR.
Phone: 00-856-21-352298
Fax: 00-856-21-352300
Email: amb.vientianne@mea.gov.in
Website: http://www.indemblao.nic.in/

Embassy of India, Beirut
31, Kantari Street,
Sahmarani Building,
P.O. Box No.113-5240 (Hamra ) and 11-1764, Beirut, Lebanon.
Phone: 00-961-1-741270; 735922; 735856
Fax: 00-961-1- 741283
Email: amb.beirut@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.beirut@mea.gov.in (HOC), cons.beirut@mea.gov.in (Consular)

Embassy of India, Tripoli
Fashloom Area, Nafleen, PO Box 3150
Tripoli, Libya.
[*Concurrently accredited as High Commissioner to Malta (Valetta)].
Phone: 00-218-21-3409283,218-91-2145881(Mobile)
Fax: 00-218-21-3409282
Email: amb.tripoli@mea.gov.in (Amb office), hoc.tripoli@mea.gov.in (HOC), indembassytrip@yahoo.com (Info Wing), consular_indembtrip@yahoo.com (Consular), commercial_indembtrip@yahoo.com (Commercial), indembtrip@hotmail.com (Political Wing)

Embassy of India, Antananarivo
4, Lalana Rajaonson Emile,
Tsaralalana, PO Box No.1787,
[*Con. acc. as Amb to Union of Comoros (Moroni)].
Phone: 00-261-20-2223334, 2227156
Fax: 00-261-20-2233790, 2260081
Email: indesecamb@blueline.mg (Amb), amb.aanarivo@mea.gov.in (Amb), indembmd@blueline.mg (General), hoc.aanarivo@mea.gov.in (HOC), indcomsec@blueline.mg (Commercial)
Website: http://www.embassyofindia.mg/

High Commission of India, Kuala Lumpur
No. 2, Jalan Taman Duta,
Off Jalan Duta,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
Phone: 00-603-20933504, 20933509 to 11, 20931015
Fax: 00-603-20933507 (HC Office) 20925826 (Admn)
Email: hc@indianhighcommission.com.my (HC), dhc@indianhighcommission.com.my (DHC), cpol@indianhighcommission.com.my (Pol & Admin), cpic@indianhighcommission.com.my (PIC & Community Affairs)
Website: http://www.indianhighcommission.com.my/index.php

High Commission of India, Male
H. Athireege Aage,
Ameeru Ahmed Magu, Henveiru,
Male` 20-25, Republic of Maldives.
Phone: 00-960-3323015 & 3323016
Fax: 00-960-3324778
Email: hcimale@hicomindia.com.mv (Chancery), hc.male@mea.gov.in (HC), hoc.male@mea.gov.in (HOC)

Embassy of India, Bamako
101, Avenue de l'OUA, Badalabougou Est, ) B.P. 8008
Bamako (Mali)
Phone: 00-223- 2023 5420/ 2023 5421, 00-223-2023 5411(Ambassador's office)
Fax: 00-223-2023 5417
Email: amb.bamako@mea.gov.in, hoc.bamako@mea.gov.in, cons.bamako@mea.gov.in

High Commission of India, Port Louis
6th Floor, LIC Building,
President John Kennedy Street,
Port Louis, Mauritius.
Phone: 00-230-2083775 / 76, 2080031, 2111400
Fax: 00-230-2086859
Email: hicom.ss@intnet.mu (HC), hicomdhc@intnet.mu (DHC), hicomcc@intnet.mu (Counsellor Comm), hicompol@intnet.mu (SS Pol & Eco), coined@intnet.mu (HOC), hicomedu@intnet.mu (SS Education), hicombc@intnet.mu (Business Centre), indhse@intnet.mu (India House), igcic@intnet.mu (IGCIC)
Website: http://indiahighcom.intnet.mu/

Embassy of India, Mexico City
Musset 325, Colonia Polanco,
C.P. 11550 Mexico D.F., Mexico
[*Con. acc. as High Commissioner to Belize].
Phone: 00-52-55-55311050, 55311002
Fax: 00-52-55-5254 2349
Email: amb_eoimex@prodigy.net.mx, couns_eoimex@prodigy.net.mx (Counsellor), hoc_eoimex@prodigy.net.mx (HOC), com_eoimex@prodigy.net.mx (Commercial), cons_eoimex@prodigy.net.mx (Consular), hom_eoimex@prodigy.net.mx (Amb's office)
Website: http://www.indembassy.org/

Embassy of India, Ulaanbaatar
Zaluuchuudyn Urgun Chuluu 10,
C.P.O. Box No. 691,
Ulaanbaatar 14190,
Phone: 00-976-11-329522, 329524, 329528 (Chancery); 329532
Fax: 00-976-11-329532 (Chancery); 313599 (Amb office)
Email: amb.ulaan@mea.gov.in (Amb s office), hoc.ulaan@mea.gov.in (Chancery), consular.ulaan@mea.gov.in, consular@indianembassy.mn (Consular), trade@indianembassy.mn (Commerce), culture@indianembassy.mn (Culture), hoc@indianembassy.mn (HOC), amb@indianembassy.mn (Amb)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.mn/

Embassy of India, Rabat
88, Rue Oulad Tidrarine
Souissi, Rabat, Morocco.
Phone: 00212-537635801, 537635802, 537635803
Fax: 00212- 537 634733, 537634734
Email: amb.rabat@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.rabat@mea.gov.in (HOC), india@menara.com (RTI applications), cons.rabat@mea.gov.in (Consular), com.rabat@mea.gov.in (Commercial)
Website: http://www.indianembassyrabat.com/

High Commision of India, Maputo
Avenida Kenneth Kaunda No. 167,
PO Box 4751, Maputo, Mozambique.
[*Con. acc. as HC of India to Kingdom of Swaziland (Mbabane)].
Phone: 00-258-21492437, 21490717
Fax: 00-258-21492364
Email: hicomind@tvcabo.co.mz (General), hc.maputo@mea.gov.in (HC), hoc.maputo@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.hicomind-maputo.org/

Embassy of India, Yangon
No. 545-547,
Merchant Street,
P.O. Box No. 751, Yangon,
Union of Myanmar.
Phone: 00-95-1-391219, 243972, 388412
Fax: 00-95-1-254086, 250164, 388414
Email: indianembassy@mptmail.net.mm (Chancery), amb.indembygn@mptmail.net.mm (Amb), ambassador@indiaembassy.net.mm (Amb), counsellor@indiaembassy.net.mm (Counsellor), publicity.eiygn@mptmail.net.mm (Publicity)
Website: http://www.indiaembassy.net.mm/

Consulate General of India, Mandalay
Ta-1/25, 65th Street,
Corner of Ngu War Street,
Chan Mya Thazi Township,
Myothit-I, Mandalay, Myanmar.
Phone: 00-95-2-80355 / 81019
Fax: 00-95-2-80366
Email: hoc.mandalay@mea.gov.in (Chancery), cgindia@mandalay.net.mm (CG), cg.mandalay@mea.gov.in (CG), cons.mandalay@mea.gov.in (Consul)
Website: http://www.indiaembassy.net.mm/

High Commission of India, Windhoek
97, Nelson Mandela Avenue,
Windhoek, Namibia.
Phone: 00-264-61-226037, 226036, 228433
Fax: 00-264-61-237320
Email: hicomind@mweb.com.na (General), attache@mweb.com.na (Attache), hciadmn@mweb.com.na (Admn), hcindia@mweb.com.na (HC), fshoc@mweb.com.na (HOC)
Website: http://www.highcommissionofindia.web.na/

Embassy of India, Kathmandu
P.O. Box No. 292,
336, Kapurdhara Marg,
Kathmandu, Nepal.
Phone: 00-977-1-4410900, 4414990, 4411699
Fax: 00-977-1-4420130 (Amb); 4428245 (DCM); 4428279
Email: hoc@eoiktm.org (General), amb@eoiktm.org (Amb), amb@eoiktm.org (Amb), dcm@eoiktm.org (DCM)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.org.np/

Consulate General of India, Birgunj
Post Box No. 59, Parsa,
Birgunj, Nepal.
Phone: 00-977-51-532244; 532264
Fax: 00-977-51-532269
Email: cg.birgunj@mea.gov.in (Consul General), hoc.birgunj@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.cgibirgunj.org/

Embassy of India, The Hague
Buitenrustweg-2, 2517 KD,
The Hague, Netherlands.
Phone: 00-31-70-3469771
Fax: 00-31-70-3617072
Email: cpembind@bart.nl (General / FS Pol & HOC), ambassador@indianembassy.nl (Ambassador)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.nl/

New Zealand
High Commission of India, Wellington
9th Floor, 180 Molesworth Street,
PO Box No. 4045, Thorndon,
[*Con. acc. to Samoa, Nauru and Kiribati]
Phone: 00-64-4-4736390
Fax: 00-64-4-4990665 (HC) & 4737149 (HOC)
Email: hicomind@hicomind.org.nz (General), consular@hicomind.org.nz (Consular), hc.wellington@mea.gov.in (HC), hoc.wellington@mea.gov.in (HOC), hicomind@xtra.co.nz (Chancery)
Website: http://www.hicomind.org.nz/

Embassy of India, Niamey
Ambassades (AM), Rue AM-14
Kouara Kano
BP 201 Niamey
Phone: 00-227-20370029-30, 00-227-20370108 (Ambassador s Office)
Fax: 00-227-2020370116
Email: amb.niamey@mea.gov.in, hoc.niamey@mea.gov.in

High Commission of India, Abuja
15, Rio Negro Close, Off Yedseram
Street , Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria
[*Con. acc. as Amb to Benin, Chad, Cameroun and as PR to ECOWAS].
Phone: 00234--7080622800-4(5 Lines)
Fax: 00234-7080622805
Email: hc.abuja@mea.gov.in (HC), dhc.abuja@mea.gov.in (DHC), def.lagos@mea.gov.in (Defence Wing), hoc.abuja@mea.gov.in (HOC), info.abuja@mea.gov.in, trade.abuja@mea.gov.in (Commerce), cons.abuja@mea.gov.in (Consular)
Website: http://www.indianhcabuja.com/

Office of the High Commission of India, Lagos
8-A, Walter Carringhton Crescent,
Victoria Island, PMB 80128,
Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone: 00-234-1-4480876, 4480877
Fax: 00-234-1-4480882
Email: fs@hcilagos.org (Consular & Community Relations), hoc.lagos@mea.gov.in (HOC), cons.lagos@mea.gov.in (Consular Matters), fs2@hcilagos.org
Website: http://www.indianhcabuja.com/

Norway Embassy of India,
Oslo Niels Juels Gate 30, 0244, PO Box No. 2823
Solli, 0204 Oslo (Norway.)
Phone: 00-47-24115910 / 24115916/ 24115912
Fax: 00-47-24115912 / 24115929(Consular)
Email: hoc@indemb.no (Chancery), consular@indemb.no.cs@indemb.no (Commercial), ambassador@indemb.no(Amb), hoc@indemb.no (HOC), commerce@indemb.no(Commercial)
Website: http://www.indemb.no/

Embassy of India, Muscat
Diplomatic Area, Jami at Al-Dowal
Al-Arabia Street, Diplomatic Qtrs.,
Al-Khuwair, PO Box 1727, Postal
Code: 112, Ruwi, Muscat, Oman.
Phone: 00-968-24684500
Fax: 00-968-24698291 (General); 24697591 (Ambassador)
Email: indiamct@omantel.net.om (General), hoc.muscat@mea.gov.in (HOC), hom@indemb-oman.org (Amb), couns@indemb-oman.org (Counsellor)
Website: http://www.indemb-oman.org/

High Commission of India, Islamabad
G-5, Diplomatic Enclave,
Islamabad, Pakistan.
Phone: 00-92-51-2206950 to 54; 2828376
Fax: 00-92-51-2823386, 2823102
Email: hc.islamabad@mea.gov.in (HC), dhc.islamabad@mea.gov.in (DHC), hoc.islamabad@mea.gov.in (HOC), cons.islamabad@mea.gov.in (Consular), pol2.islamabad@mea.gov.in (Counsellor Pol), pol.islamabad@mea.gov.in (FS Political), info.islamabad@mea.gov.in (FS Press & Info)

Embassy of India, Panama
No. 10325, Avenida Federico Boyd
Bella Vista, Apdo.0823-05815
[*Con. acc. to El Salvador, Honduras & Nicaragua].
Phone: 00-507-2640280 (Amb), 2692792(Pol & Com), 2648349(Com, Cons & Inf)
Fax: 00-507-2096779(Amb) ; 2096649(Pol, HOC, Com, Cons)
Email: ambassador@indempan.org (Amb), sspol@indempan.org ( Pol), hoc@indempan.org (HOC), sscci@indempan.org(Com,Cons &Inf), ambassador@indempan.org(PPS to Amb), att@indempan.org(Attache Consular), cc@indempan.org (Attache/PS), est@indempan.org(GA) & adm@indempan.org (Accountant)
Website: http://www.indempan.org/

Papua New Guinea
High Commission of India, Port Moresby
Lot 20, Section 8, Unit 2, Tanatana
Street, Boroko, Port Moresby.
[*Con. acc. to Vanuatu (Port Vila) and Solomon Islands (Honiara)].
Phone: 00-675-3254757, 3236677, 3232414
Fax: 00-675-3253138 (O); 3201718 (R)
Email: hcipom@datec.net.pg (General), hc.pmoresby@mea.gov.in (High Commissioner), hoc.pmoresby@mea.gov.in (HOC)
Website: http://www.hcipom.gov.in/

Embassy of India, Lima
Avenida Salaverry 3006,
Magdalena Del Mar, Lima-17, Peru.
[*Concurrently accredited as Amb to Bolivia (La Paz)].
Phone: 00-51-1-4602289, 2616006, 4610371
Fax: 00-51-1-4610374
Email: hoc@indembassy.org.pe (HOC), ambassador@indembassy.org.pe (Amb), consular@indembassy.org.pe (Consular), commercial@indembassy.org.pe (Commercial)
Website: http://www.indembassy.org.pe/

Embassy of India, Manila
2190 Paraiso Street, Dasmarinas
Village, Makati City, Metro Manila.
[*Con. acc. as Amb to Palau, Marshall Islands and Micronesia].
Phone: 00-632-8430101 / 02 & 8945767(PABX)
Fax: 00-632-8158151 (Chancery); 8445757 (Ambassador)
Email: amb@embindia.org.ph (Amb), admin@embindia.org.ph (Chancery), amboffice@embindia.org.ph (Amb s office), pol@embindia.org.ph (Political), com@embindia.org.ph (Commercial), cons@embindia.org.ph (Consular), itec@embindia.org.ph (ITEC Section), info@embindia.org.ph(PIC)

Embassy of India, Warsaw
Ul. Rejtana 15, Flats 2-7,
02-516 Warsaw, Poland.
Phone: 00-48-22-540 00 00
Fax: 00-48-22-540 00 01
Email: ambassador@indembwarsaw.in (Amb), ambassador.office@indembwarsaw.in (Amb's Office), counsellor@indembwarsaw.in (Commercial), first.secretary@indembwarsaw.in (Information, Education & Culture)
Website: http://www.indembwarsaw.in/

Embassy of India, Doha
Villa no M-12, Street no-42
Wadi AI Neel, Old Hilal Area
Phone: 00-974-44255777; 44255700 (After office hours)
Fax: 00-974-44670448 (General); 44672684 (Consular)
Email: ambassor@qatar.net.qa, amb.doha@mea.gov.in (Amb), indembdh@qatar.net.qa (General), hoc.doha@mea.gov.in (HOC), indfscom@qatar.net.qa (Commercial), cons.doha@mea.gov.in(Consular)

Reunion Island
Consulate General of India, Saint Denis
266, Rue Marechal Leclerc,
97400 Saint Denis, Reunion Island.
[*Also administrative/consular jurisdictionfor Mayotte(Mamoudzou)]
Phone: 00-262-262-417547 / 48
Fax: 00-262-262-210170
Email: congendia@wanadoo.fr
Website: http://www.amb-inde.fr/

Embassy of India, Bucharest
183, Mihai Eminescu Street,
Sector 2, Bucharest-020078, Romania
[*Con. acc. to Albania (Tirana) and Moldova (Chisinau)].
Phone: 00-40-21-2115451; 6190236
Fax: 00-40-21-2110614 (General) / 2118715 (Ambassador)
Email: office@embassyofindia.ro (General), fscom@embassyofindia.ro (Commercial), amb@embassyofindia.ro (Ambassador)
Website: http://www.embassyofindia.ro/

Embassy of India, Moscow
6-8, Ulitsa Vorontsovo Polye
(Obukha), Moscow, Russia.
Phone: 00-7-095-7837535 (10 lines)
Fax: 00-7-095-9163632, 9172285
Email: ambassador@indianembassy.ru (Ambassador), dcm@indianembassy.ru (DCM), fshoc@indianembassy.ru (HOC), admin@indianembassy.ru (Admin)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.ru/

Consulate General of India, Vladivostok
46, 4th Floor.
Verkhneportovaya Street,
PO Box No. 308, Vladivostok 690090
Russian Federation.
Phone: 00-7-4232-413920 / 413933 /413938
Fax: 00-7-4232-413956
Email: cg.vladi@mea.gov.in (CG), cgivlad@mail.ru (General), hoc.vladi@mea.gov.in (HOC), cgivlad@vlad.ru (Chancery)
Website: http://cgivladivostok.wordpress.com/

Consulate General of India, St. Petersburg
35, Ulitsa Reyleeva,
St. Petersburg 191123,
Russian Federation.
Phone: 00-7-812-2721988; 2721731; 5793002
Fax: 00-7-812-2722473; 5795088 (CG)
Email: cg.spburg@mea.gov.in (CG), hoc.spburg@mea.gov.in (HOC), cons.spburg@mea.gov.in (Consular)
Website: http://www.indianconsulate.ru/

Saudi Arabia
Embassy of India, Riyadh
B-1, Diplomatic Quarter,
P.B.No.94387, Riyadh-11693, Saudi Arabia.
Phone: 00-966-1-4884144, 4884691, 4884692, 4834254, 4884697, 4881982 (24 hour Help Line)
Fax: 00-966-1-4884750 (Chancery) 4804764 (Commercial)
Email: amb.riyadh@mea.gov.in, dcm.riyadh@mea.gov.in, pol.riyadh@mea.gov.in, cons.riyadh@mea.gov.in, hoc.riyadh@mea.gov.in, com.riyadh@mea.gov.in, def.riyadh@mea.gov.in, wel.riyadh@mea.gov.in, pol1.riyadh@mea.gov.in, cul.riyadh@mea.gov.in, adm.riyadh@mea.gov.in
Website: http://www.indianembassy.org.sa/

Consulate General of India, Jeddah
Building of M/s Bughshan & Bros.,
Madinah Road, Sharafiah Distt.,
P.O. Box No. 952,
Jeddah-21421, Saudi Arabia.
Phone: 00-966-2-6520104, 5520112
Fax: 00-966-2-6533964 (Admn)
Email: admin@cgijeddah.com (Admn), cg@cgijeddah.com (CG), haj@cgijeddah.com (Consul Haj), consular@cgijeddah.com (Consul Cons), welfare@cgijeddah.com (Consul Community Welfare), commercial@cgijeddah.com (Consul Commercial), info@cgijeddah.com (Information Section), admin@cgijeddah.com (Admn)
Website: http://www.cgijeddah.com/

Embassy of India, Dakar
5, Avenue Carde, Ground & First
Floors, B.P. 398, Dakar.
[*Con.acc. as Amb to Mauritania,Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde Islands and The Gambia].
Phone: 00-221-338495875
Fax: 00-221-338223585
Email: indiaemb@orange.sn, amb.dakar@mea.gov.in (Amb), indiacouns@orange.sn (Counsellor), indiacom@orange.sn (Commercial), hoc.dakar@mea.gov.in (HOC), cons.dakar@mea.gov.in (Consular)
Website: http://www.ambassadeinde.sn/

Embassy of India, Belgrade
Ljutice Bogdana 8, Belgrade 11040,
Republic of Serbia
Phone: 00-381-11-2661029, 2661034, 2664127,367-4210
Fax: 00-381-11-367-4209
Email: indemb@eunet.rs, ssindemb@eunet.rs, amb.belgrade@mea.gov.in, hoc.belgrade@mea.gov.in
Website: http://www.embassyofindiabelgrade.org/

High Commission of India,Victoria
Le Chantier, P.O. Box No. 488,
Victoria (Mahe),
Republic of Seychelles.
Phone: 00-248-610301 to 304
Fax: 00-248-610308
Email: hc.mahe@mea.gov.in (HC), attadm@seychelles.net (Attache Admn & Cons), hoc.mahe@mea.gov.in (General), cons.mahe@mea.gov.in (Consular), accounts.mahe@Email.sc (Accounts)
Website: http://www.seychelles.net/hicomind

High Commission of India, Singapore
India House, 31 Grange Road,
Tanglin P.O. Box No.92,
Phone: 00-65-67376777, 62382538 (Outside office hours)
Fax: 00-65-67326909
Email: hc@hcisingapore.org, hcoffice@hcisingapore.org, dhc@hcisingapore.org, da@hcisingapore.org, admin@hcisingapore.org, hoc@hcisingapore.org, fscom@hcisingapore.org, fseco@hicsingapore.org, fscons@hcisingapore.org
Website: http://www.hcisingapore.com/

Slovak Republic
Embassy of India, Bratislava
Dunajska 4,
811 08 Bratislava,
Slovak Republic.
Phone: 00-421-2-52962915 / 16
Fax: 00-421-2-52962921
Email: eindia@slovanet.sk (General), hoc.bratislava@mea.gov.in (HOC), eindia.com@stonline.sk (Commerce), eindia.consular@stonline.sk (Consular), amb.bratislava@mea.gov.in (Amb)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.sk/

Embassy of India, Ljubljana
Maurerjeva Ulica 29,
1000 Ljubljana,
Republic of Slovenia.
Phone: 00-386-1-5133110
Fax: 00-386-1- 5133115, 5133116
Email: amb.ljubljana@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.ljubljana@mea.gov.in (FS HOC), cons.ljubljana@mea.gov.in (Consular)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.si/

South Africa
High Commission of India, Pretoria
852 Schoeman Street, Arcadia 0083,
Pretoria, South Africa (PO Box40216
Arcadia 0007, Pretoria)
[*Con. acc. to Kingdom of Lesotho (Maseru)].
Phone: 00-27-12-3425392 to 95
Fax: 00-27-12-3425310
Email: hcida@hicomind.co.za (DA), polinf@hicomind.co.za (SS HOC), hciadmn@hicomind.co.za (Attache Admn), indiahc@hicomind.co.za (High Commissioner), dhc@hicomind.co.za (Dy. HC)
Website: http://www.indiainsouthafrica.com/

Consulate General of India, Cape Town
The Terraces, 9th Floor, 34 Bree Street, P.O. Box No.3316,
Cape Town 8000, South Africa.
Phone: 00-27-21-4198110, 4198111
Fax: 00-27-21-4198112
Email: political@hcict.org.za (Consul General), admin@hcict.org.za (Attache PS), accounts@hcict.org.za (Admn & Accounts)
Website: http://www.indiainsouthafrica.com/

Consulate General of India, Johannesburg
1, Eton Road, (corner Jan Smuts
Avenue & Eton Road), Parktown 2193,
PO Box 6805, Johannesburg-2000,
South Africa.
Phone: 00-27-11-4828484 / 85 / 86
Fax: 00-27-11-4828492, 4824648; 4823640 (CG)
Email: cgijhb@global.co.za (General), hocjhb@global.co.za (HOC), cgjhb@global.co.za (CG)
Website: http://www.indiainsouthafrica.com/

Consulate General of India, Durban
160 Pine Street, The Old Station
Building, 4th Floor, Durban-4001,
South Africa. (PO Box No.3276, Durban-4000, South Africa).
Phone: 00-27-31-3047020 / 21 /23 / 24
Fax: 00-27-31-3047008, 3045217
Email: cg@cgidbn.com (CG), hoc@cgidbn.com (Consul HOC), com.cgidbn.com (Consul Commerce), concons@cgidbn.com (Consul Consular), concc@cgidbn.com (Culture), cgi@cgidbn.com (General)
Website: http://www.indiainsouthafrica.com/

South Sudan
Embassy Of India
Block No. 522, Hai Matar Area
Juba, South Sudan
Phone: 00-211-811-822 552 ,Mob: 00-211-9224 58006/7
Fax: 00-211-811-822 236
Email: cgjuba@indembsdn.com, cgijuba@indembsdn.com
Website: http://www.indembsdn.com/

Embassy of India, Madrid
Avenda Pio-XII, 30-32,
28016, Madrid, Spain.
[*Con. acc. to the Principality of Andorra (Andorra la Vella)].
Phone: 00-34-913098870 (Chancery); 913098885 to 88 (Consular)
Fax: 00-34-913451112 (Chancery); 913451900 (Consular)
Email: amb@embassyindia.es (Ambassador), commercial@embassyindia.es, counsellor@embassyindia.es (Counsellor), counsellorcons@embassyindia.es (Counsellor Cons), culture@embassyindia.es (SS PIC), hoc@embassyindia.es (HOC), com@embassyindia.es(Commerce), cons@embassyindia.es, sscons@embassyindia.es(Consular)
Website: http://www.embassyindia.es/

Sri Lanka
High Commission of India, Colombo
36-38, Galle Road,
Colombo 3, Sri Lanka.
Phone: 00-94-11-2327587, 2421605, 2422788 / 89
Fax: 00-94-11-2446403, 2448166
Email: hoc.colombo@mea.gov.in (HOC), info.ihc@sltnet.lk (Information & Culture), pol.colombo@mea.gov.in (Political), hc.colombo@mea.gov.in (High Commissioner), dhc.colombo@mea.gov.in (Dy. High Commissioner)
Website: http://www.hcicolombo.org/

Assistant High Commission of India, Kandy
No. 31, Rajapihilla Mawatha,
PO Box 47, Kandy, Sri Lanka.
Phone: 00-94-81-2222652, 2223786, 2224563, 2234545 (AHC)
Fax: 00-94-81-2232479
Email: ahciknd@sltnet.lk (Assistant High Commissioner), hoc.kandy@mea.gov.in (SS & HOC)
Website: http://www.hcicolombo.org/

Consulate General of India, Jaffna
280, Palaly Road,
Jaffna, Sri Lanka
Phone: 00-94-21-2220504, 2220505(PABX)
Fax: 0094-21-2220503
Email: cg.jaffna@mea.gov.in, cons.jaffna@mea.gov.in

Consulate General of India, Hambantota
103, New Road
Sri Lanka
Phone: 047-2222500/503
Fax: 047-2222501
Email: cg.hambantota@mea.gov.in

Embassy of India, Khartoum
P.O. Box No. 707
61-Africa Road, Mailing Code 11111
Phone: 00-249-1-8357 4001/2/3/4
Fax: 00-249-1-8357 4050 (Ambassador), 8357 4051 (HOC),
Email: ambassador@indembsdn.com, sscom@indembsdn.com, ambassador.office@indembsdn.com (Ambassador), hoc@indembsdn.com (FS/HOC), commercial@indembsdn.com (Commercial Section), consular@indembsdn.com (Assistant Consular Officer)
Website: http://www.indembsdn.com/

Embassy of India, Paramaribo
No.221, Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat,
PO Box No.1329, Paramaribo.
[*Conc. acc. as HC to Barbados, St. Lucia, St.Vincent & the Grenadines]
Phone: 00-597-498344, 531448, 531449
Fax: 00-597-491106, 499382
Email: india@sr.net (General & Attache Admn), ambindia@sr.net, amb.paramaribo@mea.gov.in (Ambassador), hoc.paramaribo@mea.gov.in (FS HOC)
Website: http://www.indembassysuriname.com/

Embassy of India, Stockholm
Adolf Fredriks Kyrkogata 12,
Box 1340, 11183 Stockholm.
[*Concurrently accredited as Amb to Latvia (Riga)].
Phone: 00-46-8-107008, 4113212 / 3213 / 3237; 246021
Fax: 00-46-8-248505, 248524
Email: information@indianembassy.se (General), political@indianembassy.se (Political Wing), commercial@indianembassy.se (Commercial Wing), consular@indianembassy.se (Consular Wing), defence@indianembassy.se (Defence Wing), ambassador@indianembassy.se (Amb), counsellorcom@indianembassy.se (Counsellor P&C)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.se/

Embassy of India, Berne
Postfach 406,Kirchenfeldstrasse 28,
CH-3005, Berne, Switzerland.
[*Con. acc. to Holy See (Vatican) and Liechtenstein (Vaduz)].
Phone: 00-41-31-3501130 (Chancery PABX), 3501139(Commercial Section, 3501138(Administration Section)
Fax: 00-41-31-3511557
Email: india@indembassybern.ch (General), hoc.berne@mea.gov.in (HOC), ambassador@indembassybern.ch (Ambassador), political@indembassybern.ch (Counsellor Political)
Website: http://www.indembassybern.ch/

Consulate General of India, Geneva
9, Rue de Valais, 1202 Geneva,
Phone: 00-41-22-9068686
Fax: 00-41-22-9068676
Email: mission.india@ties.itu.int (General), rajwilliam@hotmail.com (CG)
Website: http://www.indembassybern.ch/

Embassy of India, Damascus
3455, Sharkasslyeh,
Ibn Al Haltham Street,
Abu Rumaneh, PO Box No.685,
Damascus, Syria.
Phone: 00-963-11-3347351 / 52, 3347900
Fax: 00-963-11-3347912, 3345711
Email: hoc.damascus@mea.gov.in (General), cons.damascus@mea.gov.in (Consular), com.damascus@mea.gov.in (Commercial), info.damascus@mea.gov.in (Information)
Website: http://indianembassysyria.com/

Embassy of India, Dushanbe
45, Bukhoro Street,
Phone: 00-992-37-2217172, 2213988 (General Nos.); 2214626 (Ambassador s office); 2211803
Fax: 00-992-37-2510045, 2510088 (Gen) 2510035 (Amb)
Email: amb.dushanbe@mea.gov.in (Amb), hoc.dushanbe@mea.gov.in (SS HOC), admn.dushanbe@mea.gov.in (General & Admn)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.tj/

High Commission of India, Dar-es-Salaam
82, Kinondoni Road, Kinondoni,
PO Box 2684,
Dar es Salaam,
Phone: 00-255-22-2669040 / 1 / 2
Fax: 00-255-22-2669043 / 50
Email: hci@hcindiatz.org (HC), couns@hcindiatz.org (Counsellor & HOC), hco@hcindiatz.org (HC s office), admin@hcindiatz.org (Admn), edu@hcindiatz.org (Consular & Education)
Website: http://www.hcindiatz.org/

Consulate General of India, Zanzibar
8, Migombani, P.O. Box 871,
Phone: 00-255-24-2232711, 22321904
Fax: 00-255-24-2230001
Email: cg-india@zanzinet.com (General), cg.zanzibar@mea.gov.in (Consul General), cg-india@zanlink.com
Website: http://www.hcindiatz.org/

Embassy of India, Bangkok
46, Soi 23 [Prasarnmitr] Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok-10110.
[*PR of India to UN-ESCAP; **DPR of India to UN-ESCAP].
Phone: 00-66-2-2580300-06
Fax: 00-66-2-2584627, 2621740
Email: indiaemb@indianembassy.in.th
Website: http://www.indianembassy.in.th/

Consulate of India, Chiangmai
33/1, Thung Hotel Road, Wat Kate,
Muang, Chiangmai 50000,
Phone: 00-66-53-243066
Fax: 00-66-53-247879
Email: bharat@loxinfo.co.th, cgi.chiangmai@yahoo.com

Trinidad & Tobago
High Commission of India, Port of Spain
No. 6, Victoria Avenue, PO Box 530,
Port of Spain.
[*Con.acc. to Grenada (St.George s), Dominica (Roseau) and Montserrat (Plymouth)].
Phone: 001-868-627-7480/7481
Fax: 001-868-627-6985/5731/4652
Email: hc.pospain@mea.gov.in, hcipos@tstt.net.tt, hoc.pospain@mea.gov.in, ssci@hcipos.org
Website: http://www.hcipos.org/

Embassy of India, Tunis
4, Place Didon, Notre Dame,
Tunis 1002, Tunisia.
Phone: 00-216-71-787819, 790968, 781825
Fax: 00-216-71-783394 (Chancery); 281189 (Ambassador)
Email: hoc.tunis@mea.gov.in (Chancery), cons.tunis@mea.gov.in (Consular), com.tunis@mea.gov.in (Commerce), cul.tunis@mea.gov.in (Cultural), amb.tunis@mea.gov.in (Ambassador)
Website: http://www.indianembassytunis.com/

Embassy of India, Ankara
77, Cinnah Caddesi,
Phone: 00-90-312-4382195 to 98 [4 lines]
Fax: 00-90-312-4403429, 4399323
Email: chancery@indembassy.org.tr (Admn & Protocol), fscons@indembassy.org.tr (FS Cons), ambassador@indembassy.org.tr (Ambassador), dcm@indembassy.org.tr (DCM), fspi@indembassy.org.tr(FS (Commercial & HOC), Defence Attache (da@indembassy.org.tr)
Website: http://www.indembassy.org.tr/

Consulate General of India, Istanbul
Cumhuriyet Caddesi No. 18,
Dortler Apartments,
7th Floor, Flat No.11-12,
34367, Elmadag, Istanbul,Turkey
Phone: 00-90-212-2962131 / 32
Fax: 00-90-212-2962130
Email: cg.istanbul@mea.gov.in, cg@cgiistanbul.org (CG), hoc.istanbul@mea.gov.in, hoc@cgiistanbul.org (Consul/HOC), cons.istanbul@mea.gov.in, cpv@cgiistanbul.org (Consular Section), info@cgiistanbul.org (Information Section), com@cgiistanbul.org (Commercial Section)
Website: http://www.cgiistanbul.org/

Embassy of India, Ashgabat
International Business Centre,
Y, Emre 1, Mir 2/1, PO Box No.80,
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.
Phone: 00-99-312-456152 / 53 (Chancery General Numbers)
Fax: 00-99-312-452434 / 456156
Email: indembhoc@online.tm (SS HOC), indianamb@online.tm (Ambassador), indembcomm@online.tm (Commerce), indembadm@online.tm (Admn), indembinfo@online.tm (Information Section)

High Commission of India, Kampala
Plot 11, Kyadondo Road, Nakasero,
PO Box No.7040, Kampala, Uganda. [*Con. acc.as HC to Rwanda and Amb to Burundi]
Phone: 00-256-41-4257368, 4342994, 4344631
Fax: 00-256-41-4254943
Email: hc.kampala@mea.gov.in (HC), hoc.kampala@mea.gov.in (HOC), hoc@hcikampala.co.ug (HOC), pshc@hcikampala.co.ug (HC s office), education@hcikampala.co.ug (Education), consular@hcikampala.co.ug (Consular Sec.)

Embassy of India, Kyiv
20-B, Maxima Berlinskogo Street
Kyiv - 01901,
Phone: 00-380-44-4686661, 4686219, 4687032
Fax: 00-380-44-4686619 (Chancery); 4687025 (MNA)
Email: india@public.ua.net (General), amb.kyiv@mea.gov.in (Ambassador), hoc.kyiv@mea.gov.in (HOC), cons.kyiv@mea.gov.in (Consular Section), com.kyiv@mea.gov.in (Eco & Com Section)
Website: http://www.indianembassy.org.ua/

United Arab Emirates
Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi
Plot No. 10, Sector W-59/02
Diplomatic Area, Off-Airport Road,
PO Box No.4090,
Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Phone: 00-971-2-4492700; 4447729
Fax: 00-971-2-4444685; 4447768 (Consular)
Email: hoc@indembassyuae.org (Gen), amboffice@indembassyuae.org, com@indembassyuae.org (Eco & Com Wing), cons@indembassyuae.org (Consular Wing), help@indembassyuae.org (Community Welfare Wing)
Website: http://www.indembassyuae.org/

Consulate General of India, Dubai
Al-Hamaria Diplomatic Enclave,
PO Box No.737,
Dubai, UAE.
Phone: 00-971-4-3971222 / 3971333
Fax: 00-971-4-3970453 & 3972297
Email: cgidubai@emirates.net.ae, cgoffice@cgidubai.com, cg.dubai@mea.gov.in, consulca@cgidubai.com

United Kingdom
High Commission of India, London
India House, Aldwych,
London WC2B 4NA,
United Kingdom.
Phone: 00-44-20-78368484, 76323123 (After office hours)
Fax: 00-44-20-78364331
Email: hoc.london@mea.gov.in (General & HOC), hc.office@hcilondon.in (High Commissioner), dhc.office@hcilondon.in (Dy. High Commissioner)
Website: http://www.hcilondon.in/

Consulate General of India, Birmingham
20, Augusta Street,
Jewellery Quarters, Hockley,
Birmingham B18 6JL,
United Kingdom.
Phone: 00-44-121-2122782, 2123217 (After office hours and on holidays)
Fax: 00-44-121-2123404 (CG); 2122786 (General)
Email: cg.birmingham@mea.gov.in (CG), hoc.birmingham@mea.gov.in (Consul & HOC), com@cgibir.fsnet.co.uk (Commerce), cons_cgibir@fsmail.net (Consular), visa_cgibir@fsmail.net (Visa), oci.cgibir@yahoo.co.uk (OCI Matters), admin-cgibir@fsmail.net (Admn.)
Website: http://www.cgibirmingham.org/

Consulate General of India, Edinburgh
17 Rutland Square,
Edinburgh EH1 2BB, Scotland,
United Kingdom.
Phone: 00-44-131-2290011
Fax: 00-44-131-2292155; 2219712 (CG)
Email: indianconsulate.scotland@btconnect.com (General), cgindia@btconnect.com (CG), indianconsul.edinburgh@btconnect.com (Consul & HOC)
Website: http://www.cgiedinburgh.org/

United States of America
Embassy of India, Washington DC
2107, Massachusetts Ave. NW,
Washington DC 20008, USA.
Phone: 00-1-202-9397000
Fax: 00-1-202-2654351
Email: indemwash@indiagov.org
Website: http://www.indianembassy.org/

Consulate General of India, Chicago
455 North City Front Plaza Drive,
[NBC Tower], Suite No 850,
Chicago, Illinois 60611, USA.
Phone: 00-1-312-5950405 to 0410; 5950554
Fax: 00-1-312-5950416 (CG s office); 5950417 (Chancery)
Email: cci@indianconsulate.com (Pol & Com), hoc@indianconsulate.com (HOC), pic@indianconsulate.com (Consul Consular), vc@indianconsulate.com (VC Consular), admin@indianconsulate.com (Admn), com@indianconsulate.com (Commerce), cg@indianconsulate.com (CG)
Website: http://www.indianconsulate.com/

Consulate General of India, New York
3 East, 64th Street,
New York, NY 10065, USA.
Phone: 00-1-212-7740600, 7740699
Fax: 00-1-212-8613788 (General); 5709581 (Consular)
Email: cg@indiacgny.org (CG), dcg@indiacgny.org (Dy. CG), hoc@indiacgny.org (HOC), edu@indiacgny.org (Education), passport@indiacgny.org (Passport), visa@indiacgny.org (Visa)
Website: http://www.indiacgny.org/

Consulate General of India, San Francisco
540, Arguello Boulevard,
San Francisco, CA 94118, USA.
Phone: 00-1-415-6680683, 6680662; 6327562 (After office hours)
Fax: 00-1-415-6682073 (Chancery); 6689764 (Consular)
Email: info@cgisf.org (General), cg@cgisf.org (CG), dcg@cgisf.org (Dy. Consul General)
Website: http://www.cgisf.org/

Consulate General of India, Houston
4300 Scotland Street
Houston, Texas-77007
Phone: 00-1-713-6262148, 6262149
Fax: 00-1-713-6262450 (CG s office) ; 6262034 (Consular
Email: cgi-hou@swbell.net (General), consulgenhouston@swbell.net (CG), consulcgihouston@swbell.net (Consul)
Website: http://www.cgihouston.org/

Embassy of India, Tashkent
15-16, Kara Bulak (Vakhshskaya)
Street, Mirzo Ulugbek District,
Tashkent 700052, Uzbekistan.
Phone: 00-998-71-1400983 / 997 / 998; 2555116 (ER)
Fax: 00-998-71-1400987 / 999
Email: amb.tashkent@mea.gov.in (Amb), indiaemb@buzton.com (General), indhoc@buzton.com (HOC), consind@buzton.com (Consular), com.tashkent@mea.gov.in (Commercial)
Website: http://www.indembassy.uz/

Embassy of India, Caracas
Quinta Tagore, No. 12, Avenida San
Carlos La Floresta, Caracas.
[*Con. acc. to Netherlands Antilles (Curacao) and Aruba(Oranjestad)].
Phone: 00-58-212-2857887, 2853806, 2866498, 2853637
Fax: 00-58-212-2865131
Email: amb.caracas@mea.gov.in (Amb), admin1.caracas@mea.gov.in (FS PPS to Amb), com.caracas@mea.gov.in (FS Pol), hoc.caracas@mea.gov.in (FS HOC), info.caracas@mea.gov.in (Information Wing), cons.caracas@mea.gov.in (Consular Wing)
Website: http://www.embindia.org/

Embassy of India, Hanoi
58-60, Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi,
Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
Phone: 00-84-4-38244989 / 90
Fax: 00-84-4-38244998
Email: embassyindia@fpt.vn, [chancery], comindia@ftp.vn [commercial sec], cons.hanoi@mea.gov.in [consular section], amb.hanoi@mea.gov.in, hoc.hanoi@mea.gov.in
Website: http://www.indembassy.com.vn/

Consulate General of India, Ho Chi Minh City
55, Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street,
District 3, Ho Chi Minh City,
Socialistic Republic of Vietnam
Phone: 00-84-8-38237050, 38237053
Fax: 00-84-8-38237047
Email: cgihcmc@hcm.vnn.vn (General), cons.hcm@mea.gov.in (Consular), cg.hcm@mea.gov.in (CG), hoc.hcm@mea.gov.in (Consul & HOC)
Website: http://www.india-consulate.org.vn/

Embassy of India, Sana a
Building No. 12, Djibouti Street,
P.O. Box No.1154, Sana a,
Republic of Yemen.
Phone: 00-967-1-441251 / 52
Fax: 00-967-1-441257
Email: indiaemb@y.net.ye (Amb s office), indcom@y.net.ye (Commerce), indembassy@yemen.net.ye (Consular), hoc.sanaa@mea.gov.in (HOC), amb.sanaa@mea.gov.in (Amb)
Website: http://www.eoisanaa.org/

High Commission of India, Lusaka
1, Pandit Nehru Road, Long Acres,
P.O. Box No.3211, Lusaka, Zambia.
[*Concurrently accredited as High Commissioner to Malawi (Lilongwe)].
Phone: 00-260-211-253159 / 60
Fax: 00-260-211-254118
Email: hc.lusaka@mea.gov.in (High Commissioner), hoc.lusaka@mea.gov.in (HOC), com.lusaka@mea.gov.in (Commerce), cons.lusaka@mea.gov.in (Consular)

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