e-Visa India

India ETA is India’s first online visa application service that has been initiated by the foreign affairs and the aviation ministries of India. Application for a Indian Visa through this ETA, electronic travel authority, generates an electronic visa which is called the ‘

Indian e-Visa’


Although this electronic application system is used throughout the world in many countries, there is still some sort of misinformation and misunderstanding about it. Here are a few details that would clear off any kind confusion about the current nature and status of the your visa

India ETA is just a simple digitalization of the previously analog and manual Indian visa application. Visa is a permission that has to be received by a traveler in case of travelling to a foreign country and was previously received as a ‘stamp’ on the passport or a printed document. The only difference between a normal visa and the new e-visa is that instead of the initial stamp or a document, the e-visa is received via an e-mail which can either be printed on paper or presented as an e-mail, after which the passport is stamped on spot.

The change that has been introduced is not related to the permission itself, rather it is related to the process of applying for this permission. The prior process of applying for a visa by personally visiting the passport authorities repeatedly has now been made simpler. Now the applicant can complete all the required steps of the process at his own comfort over the internet, and receive it online if granted.

The new e-visa under India ETA is available under multiple categories like the e-Tourist Visa India, India Business Visa, etc. making this Indian Visa Online application system for Indian visa quite a reform.

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