Indian Visa Fees

India ETA is the latest and the most comprehensive Online Indian Visa Application service of the Indian Govt. for travelers from abroad. The service has been planned with high expertise to make it user friendly and easily doable.

India e-Visa Cost

The structure for the fee that is charged for each e-Visa application includes a variety of charges based on the country from which you come. For instance, citizens from countries like Argentina, Fiji, Indonesia, and South Africa can apply for the Indian eVisa free of cost, whereas citizens of countries like U.S., U.K., and Russia have to pay a 100 USD per application. Similarly, there are a several categories of fees for several international zones. You can find the complete fee chart that specifies all these categories and the exact amount you need to pay for the Online Visa Application by clicking here.

(In addition to the fees of e-visa, a bank interest of 2.5% of the fees will also be charged).